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What is the distinction between a general dentist, family dentist, and pediatric dentist?

Dr. Madani is an experienced family dentist, which means he can treat patients of all ages. Family dentistry addresses the oral health of people at any age, particularly kids and teenagers. Family dentists are pretty similar to general dentists but typically have more experience working with children.

A pediatric dentist has supplementary training in attending infants, toddlers, and special needs children. If a young child needs substantial medication or general anesthesia, a pediatric dentist is the recommended provider.

A family dentist like Dr. Madani will provide routine care, monitor a child's teeth for correct development, and perform essential 6-month exams to catch issues like tooth decay and gingivitis before they become problematic.

Tooth decay is a frequent yet utterly preventable childhood problem. The family dentist will often shield children's teeth by applying fluoride treatments or dental sealants. Similarly, preventative treatments can also benefit adults with vulnerable teeth. 

The American Dental Association advises that children visit the dentist as soon as they get their first teeth.

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